Welcome to The Patchwork Schoolhouse

The Patchwork Schoolhouse

            Welcome to The Patchwork Schoolhouse. We derived our name from the beloved patchwork quilt. Every patchwork is different and unique; its colors, patterns, fabric and the thread that holds it together make it beautiful, strong, comfortable and valuable. We believe that children are very much like that beloved patchwork. Every child is unique and beautiful, woven of different fabric and a very important piece of the pattern that makes up our society. Our main objective will be to look at each child as an individual, help them to learn at their level and to achieve without fear of failure. We have created a program rich in creativity, imagination, hands-on learning, respect, peace, love and unity. We strongly believe in teaching the values of empathy, tolerance, and respect for all peoples, whatever their physical make-up or cultural background. Our curriculum will come from the interests of the children. We will strive to provide learning experiences that will accommodate all our students learning intelligences so that they may find academic success.
            Every piece of a patchwork is important. If a piece is missing it loses its value. It is our goal to teach our children that they are a very important piece of our society, that their uniqueness makes it beautiful, diverse, loving and very valuable.

The Patchwork Schoolhouse
Mission Statement
It is our mission at the Patchwork Schoolhouse to provide to our families:
·        To feel secure and competent that your children are in a safe and loving environment while they pursue their careers and other interests.
·        To provide high quality knowledgeable staff to care for all your child’s personal, physical, emotional and educational needs.
·        To enhance their understanding and appreciation for their child’s daily experiences through daily communication with staff, daily sheets, portfolios and conferences.
It is our mission to provide opportunities for our children to:
·        To develop a valid sense of self. Children are encouraged to try, think and act with increasing independence and to be successful with encouragement, modeling and assurance from their teachers. 
·        To provide experiences daily that will develop physical strength, coordination and motor skills.
·        To develop a good foundation for good health, hygiene and safety habits.
·        To learn to respond to people in their environments comfortably and happily.
·        To express emotions constructively.
·        To imagine and express ideas and feelings creatively through movement, dramatic play, art and language experiences.
·        To understand and appreciate diversity in natural, cultural and social content.
·        To explore concepts and develop intellectual curiosity.
·        To persevere in the face of difficulty, concentrate and become successful through trial and error.